A Conversation

This was the conversation at a dinner party. I was seated at a table for eight, all full and filled by people whom I am meeting for the first time.

ME: Its pretty nice in here, isn’t it?

Boy to my left: Yes, we come down here often.

The girl to his right: So Chetan, what are you majoring in?

ME: Civil Engineering, with a specialization in Infrastructure, for masters.

The handsome girl across the table: Civil engineers are responsible for most memorable erections… I hear… (with a straight face, over a slow glance out of the corner of her big eyes)

ME: Erec..?! (Suddenly turning red as sense hits me)…Oh…yes…pretty technical job… (completely lost at what to say next)…

Everyone around the table brings their hands over their mouths, trying hard to suppress their giggles while I resort to a mental facepalm and a sheepish smile. Sigh. #youwish


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