At the Crossroads

It is a difficult choice.


My dilemma is between should I invest more time in managing the quarry or should I leave the quarry be and find myself a more ‘educated’ career path, which is more befitting for my IIT degree as suggested by my dad and uncles. There is an old Chinese proverb that says a man in two minds is half dead. Yes, I am half dead right now.


Running the quarry is nice. Don’t get me wrong. Standing midst ear-splitting drills and rock breaking bangs, breathing in clouds of stone dust and feeling the full brunt of the blazing sun burning your skin, turning your complexion to an altogether different race isn’t what I had in mind. Neither am I talking about how often I have to get mad at people to get simple things done (some of the laborers wont take your orders seriously enough unless a few swear words appear somewhere in the sentence). What is nice is size we operate at. We move earth, blast mountains and crush boulders so that we can help someone build themselves a home.


What’s nicer is the difference my presence makes. Heavy duty planning, leading teams of people to effectively solve the engineering challenges the quarry throws at us everyday, and making lucrative amounts of money at the end of the week are all what makes my time here exciting. And the sheer size of operations.  We talk in hundreds of trucks every week. Besides I see one or two paths for the company to get bigger commercially. If earning money were everything, I ought to sit here for two or three more years and walk the company personally down that path.


But as one of my mentors had warned me, being a lone entrepreneur is lonely. Especially when the lone entrepreneur is an urban person running his business in middle of a rural nowhere. Hence the dilemma. Hence me being half-dead.


What would you do if you were me?



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