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Its my Birthday! How uncool is it not to make it big!

To my good fortune, my sis and me share the same birthday. As children, birthdays were always a big deal for us. All thanks to Amma who used to take great efforts to make the day very special for us. Here is a small storybook that gives you a glimpse of that.

After my hostel life began, my birthdays began to get awkward. Greedily, I began to expect the same attention from co-teenagers as I was used to getting from my family. Naturally the b’days ended up disappointing. Soon I abandoned the idea of celebrating b’days citing reasons of not being a kid any more (Whom am I kidding? :P)

After a few more years, as I grew independent, I realised that the trick to do fun b’days is to make your planning more event-centric and less people-centric (If this sounds Greek to you, don’t bother). With the new-found knowledge I began my zestful celebrations again. So this year here is how I’d like to celebrate the b’day weekend.

  • Run a 16K all alone. No company, no music. Just me.
  • Get a tattoo on my chest.
  • Volunteer to wait tables at Annalakshmi for Sunday lunch.
  • Watch a stand-up comedy show.
  • Take friends out for dinner.
  • Hit the dance floor with Sravz, my bestest dance teacher.
  • Movie with Susu and Msk. (This is more or less forced upon me :P)
  • Write another post in the memory of people who made my earlier b’days cherishable.

I will be good to start collecting my wishes in a few more hours. You better not forget to send me some ;)

With tonnes and tonnes of love.